Urban Twist from Urban Pattang

The long forgotten Indian art, which is widely appreciated across the world is not getting enough grip in India itself. The Indian art forms in India are not much popular because of newly added modern mass produced products. Unique handmade products are difficult to find in Indian markets since the markets are flooded by modern day consumables majorly made up of plastics. 

We at Urban Pattang are focused on creating a wide range of handmade products  by infusing Indian art in every product. By doing so, we are reviving Indian art forms and consistently supporting artisans across the country. 

We call it Urban Twist because we are making sure that the beautiful traditional art should get a place in our urban homes and in our hearts. Each and every Indian art form gives a vibrant look to your home and gives a sheer sense of pleasure. At the end we will only say "Let us bring India to your homes" .