About us


This is the Part where we thought we won’t be cliché’ and come up with philosophies or introductions. Instead, we’ll let our hearts out because this is what Urban Pattang is all about...It’s all about heart!!

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can colour the world are the ones who do!

Forrest Gump’s mama always said that life’s like a box of chocolates. For us, life’s more like a dabba of crayons! We love colours and we have always believed that colours speak louder than words!

Back in the day when ‘Dalda’ tin cans were in abundance, our mom used to convert those tins into flower pots! Pickles were stored in old Nescafe or kissan Jam ‘shishis’! That was our first encounter with how simple things could be put to use differently! So we started doing it our way. The cover of our notebooks used to be cut outs of Shahrukh Khan ads, Camlin geometry boxes were hand painted to give a unique look. Even our lunch boxes were given a makeover by covering them up with hundreds of mini ‘hello kitty ‘stickers! We knew how to do it differently and make our stuff stand out!

Well that was then! We started our professional journey with big media brands and started enjoying making client presentations. Positive feedback on how our presentations were colourful, bright and uncomplicated was reaffirmation of our capabilities and creativity! That’s what planted the seed in our heads! We didn’t need to remain confined to a boardroom when we could make the whole world our canvas!

Why the Pattang? : The way kites wing their way up in the sky within seconds, dance uninhibitedly with the wind up above and how they make the sky look like a palette of colours always fascinated us. We don’t think anything else could have symbolised our expression better than these lovely, colourful, carefree kites! And yes, since the objective is to bring back a bit of India into modern homes and today’s big cities, nothing fit better than 'Urban'! So you see, that’s how we chose to fly!

What you will see on Urban Pattang are products that are inspired by traditional Indian art forms. Each product that you see has been conceptualised and tailored in a manner that makes them unique. Be it the funky ‘Mud-a-gascar ‘or the colourful ‘Ek Lohar Ki’ range, you will see how we’ve transformed conventional art to gel into present day style statement.

So come, fly with us...and let us bring India to your home!


Urban Pattang is not just a company or just a mere internet page trying to sell products and force ideas into your home. What you see here is made with a lot of love and imagination. With our product line, our idea is very simple. All we want to do is:

  • Take you down the memory lane: Our endeavour is to usher in lovely memories into your lives through products that will take you back in time where you will reminisce about the good old days when everything had a tinge of Indian-ness to it. Well, we are ready to welcome all those things back into our lives....but...with a twist. A funky, quirky, colourful and an urban twist!
  • Bring a bit of India into your homes: In an age when technology runs our world and everything around us is plastic, we’re trying to get back to basics with our product line which is inspired by our desh ki mitti, loha and kaanch. (Read that terracotta, iron and glass). We could never imagine the amount of effort put in by our local artisans till the time we went and experienced it ourselves in workshops set up in the most unimaginable interiors. Yet, when you see the outcome of their hard work, it is truly exemplary. What we want to do at Urban Pattang is to bring those fantastic artworks to your home with an urban makeover and in the process ensure fair compensation for the effort put in by the artists.


Return Policy & Damages

At Urban Pattang we make memories and not just products. We want you to be happy with your order/s. All our products are hand crafted and handmade with lots of love and effort and hence we follow a strict no return policy.

Though the possibility is very rare, but in case you get a damaged product or a product you have not ordered, please do take a picture of the same and email it to us at   connect@urbanpattang.com within 48 hours of receiving your order. You can also call us on +91 9560438586 to share the details..

Once you have confirmation from Urban Pattang, you can ship back the product to us in its original condition along with all the original papers and material in which you have received it. Once the product is received by us, a replacement will be initiated after inspection. Please note Urban Pattang reserves all rights pertaining to replacement of any product.

Shipping Costs and Transit Times

The products are processed and readied for shipping within 8 to 10 business days after receiving the order.

An email notification would be sent to the customer with details of the courier for tracking purposes.

Delivery time to the end user does not take into consideration factors beyond our control including unexpected travel delays from courier partners, transporters etc due to weather conditions and strikes.

In case of an unexpected event, the delivery timelines may get impacted.

If you have any questions related to shipping, please write to us at  connect@urbanpattang.com

Cancellation Policy

At Urban Pattang, we are sure you will love whatever you order however, should you wish to cancel your order, you can do so within 48 hours of placing the order.

Please note that an order however cannot be cancelled in case the product has been dispatched for delivery.

Please Note : Our products are handmade and hand painted and therefore there may be some dissimilarity in the design which you’ll see online or between two items of the same kind and that will only add to the beauty of the product and make it a work of art.